Stronger policies to boost emerging industries in Jinan

(| Updated : 2020-07-13

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Jinan, capital of East China's Shandong province, rolled out 19 policies to strengthen the development of the city's emerging industries including advanced manufacturing and industrial internet at a news conference on July 9.

The city will prioritize the development of intelligent manufacturing, strengthen the integrated development of new-generation information technology and manufacturing industries, and accelerate the industrial internet industry.

Jinan set a number of goals for the city's industrial development at the conference. Industrial added value is expected to exceed 30 percent of GDP, and by 2025, industrial revenue is expected to exceed one trillion yuan ($142.8 billion).

The advanced manufacturing industry will also be significantly improved. By 2020, the city hopes to boost four pillar industries of big data and new generation information technology, intelligent manufacturing and high-end equipment, high-quality steel and advanced materials, and biomedicine.

In addition, more efforts will be made to develop two industrial clusters with each worth 500 billion yuan and more industrial clusters with each worth 200 billion yuan.

The city will continue to promote the innovative application of industrial internet, artificial intelligence, and 5G technologies in the manufacturing sector.

A fund will be established of at least 2 billion yuan per year to support the city's advanced manufacturing and digital economic development.

The city will also establish an incentive mechanism for advanced enterprises and outstanding entrepreneurs in an effort to stimulate entrepreneurship.