Seven measures to construct comprehensive test area for new and old kinetic energy conversion

(| Updated : 2018-05-24

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Upon the approval from the State Council to construct the comprehensive test area for new and old kinetic energy conversion, Shandong province in East China strove to establish a complete mechanism to ensure all the tasks were assigned and finished on time.

I. Strengthen coordination to implement major policies

To implement the major policies involving the powers of central government that are mentioned in the approval documents, such as a pilot free trade zone, a demonstration city of service outsourcing, a pilot site of automobile parallel import and pilot site of multimodal transportation, the related ministries maintained communication with each other to make sure they were implemented satisfactorily. Authorities of the central government and the Shandong provincial government will sign cooperation agreements to support the construction of a Shandong comprehensive test area for new and old kinetic energy conversion.

II. Attract investment for ten major industries and introduce high-end foreign funded projects

Focusing on the ten major projects, the province planned to arrange a series of investment activities, such as Hong Kong-Shandong Week, European and American Business Week, and Japan-South Korea-Shandong Week. By making good use of the international cooperation platform for middle and small-sized enterprises from Shandong and Bavaria and the provincial representative offices for foreign trade, the province accelerated their efforts to attract a batch of powerful enterprises’ projects. Preferential policies to support economic development were also released. 

A delegation led by She Chunming, head of the Department of Commerce of Shandong Province, visited Japan and South Korea from March 8 to 15. A series of activities were arranged in the two countries to promote the province’s policy on new and old kinetic energy conversion and to strengthen the cooperation with large companies, such as Japan’s Sumitomo Corporation and South Korea’s Hyundai Motor Group, in the fields of high-end equipment, new energy and modern high-efficiency agriculture. From January to February, companies listed on the Fortune Global 500 invested 1.53 billion dollars to set up six projects in Shandong. There were 15 major projects whose investments exceeding 100 million yuan ($ 15.67 million).


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