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Officials, experts discuss wealth management in Qingdao
The global economy's booming wealth management sector was one of the main topics during the 2016 China Wealth Forum, held from Friday to Sunday in Qingdao, East China's Shandong province.
Growth in tourism rooted in mountain
Tai'an, a city in Shandong province that is centered on Mount Taishan, is tapping into its historical and cultural resources to become an international tourist destination.
See a brilliantly colored underground canyon in Shandong
The underground attraction lies to the southwest of Yishui and covers a distance of 6,100 meters.
Family builds hospital on strength of treatment
Created in the late Qing Dynasty by the Luan family in the village of Huatuan, the Huatuan Bone Setting style features both a bone-setting technique and a plaster invented by the family.
Shaped by the earth 2010-06-22
Bo Ziyang, 68, of Jinan, Shandong province, has spent the past 50 years making sculptures out of clay collected from the Yellow River.
PLA fighter pilot sacrifices self to save civilians 2010-05-22
A fighter pilot from the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force sacrificed himself to avoid a crowded city when his engine failed in a low-altitude nighttime training mission.
In 13 years, he finds 7 stolen kids, but not his 2010-05-18
A man in east China has helped seven kidnapped children get back to their homes on his 13-year journey across 20 provinces to find his own son who had been missing since he was two.
Jinan: A Hundred-year-old Lady Attends Primary School 2010-04-07
On March 31, the 102-year-old Ma Xiuxian, a Jinan citizen, carrying her bag and a magnifying glass, finally went to school for the first time, accompanied by her 58-year-old son.
Linking people a hard-won skill 2010-04-02
China Daily's METRO reporter Todd Balazovic talks to the UK-educated Li Yan on how to bridge the international and local communities.
Brush with tradition 2009-12-31
Ren Jianye, dean of China's Confucius Painting Academy and a member of the China Arts Association, knows that a successful artist should have...
China's Sun King dreams of a green future 2009-12-11
Few men at 51 can claim to be full of energy, but Huang Ming is -- and it drives him into a state of excitement.
Coaching adds new dimension for veteran Zhang 2009-10-22
Competing at her 6th National Games, former Olympic shooting champion Zhang Shan not only drew on her vast experience but...
First Chinese man circum-navigates globe in an unpowered sailboat 2009-08-17
On August 16th, the sailboat "Rizhao" steered by the famous Chinese navigator Zhai Mo returned to Rizhao.
Qingdao woman joins Australian police force 2009-08-14
Wang Qi was born in Qingdao, Shandong province in 1981. In August 2003, she went to pursue further studies in Australia.
Every fish has a personality —— Painter Yu Xianzi and his works 2009-08-11
People are always fascinated by the works of Yu Xianzi (aka the “Fairy of Fish”), a famous painter from Shandong Province.
Air Force’s first female Division Commander is from Jinan 2009-08-03
The first female has recently been appointed a Division Commander in the Chinese Air Force, marking it the first such promotion since 1949.
A good student, a shining star 2009-07-28
Song Zhenjie, a winner of China Theatre Plum Blossom Award, a famous performer of the older male roles, or Laosheng, a familiar face on the present Peking Opera stage, especially after the Hong Kong’s return, and a new idol for the nowadays traditional opera fans.
Literature, my soul-mate 2009-07-28
Life is a box of chocolate, you never know what is gonna happen.This is quite true with Liu Yudong—a failure of college entrance examination in 1989, but a winner of Shandong Literary Award later on.
An integral person, a devoted teacher 2009-07-28
For decades, Mr. Zhang Daoyi dig into ancient documents, penetrated into countryside and did thorough researches before arriving at whatever conclusion.
A magnificent painter nurtured by profound love 2009-07-28
Fascinated, appalled, shocked, I stood before a landscape painting by Liu Baochun, a Shandonger and a renowned artist.
English posed a challenge, says Empire of Silver star 2009-07-28
Fame came to Hao Lei early: Just a year after graduating from high school in 1997, she landed the lead role in the mainland TV series Don't Cry Seventeen.
From 12 years old to 90, all friends to 'the master' give thanks 2009-07-20
"It's the first time that I meet the 'master of Chinese culture' I admired and it will be the last time, too," said 12-year-old Zhang Jiayi with tears in her eyes.
Ji Xianlin, the reluctant master 2009-07-13
Ji Xianlin, dubbed as the "master of Chinese culture" had died three hours earlier of heart attack. He was 97. Premier Wen said he had planned to celebrate Ji's 98th birthday next month.
Road to redemption 2009-07-07
A very, very old doctor greets a few young patients and their parents inside his small private clinic. The quiet man gently smiles, nods to the children, strokes their heads and asks them to open their mouths wide as he checks their throats.

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