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Officials, experts discuss wealth management in Qingdao
The global economy's booming wealth management sector was one of the main topics during the 2016 China Wealth Forum, held from Friday to Sunday in Qingdao, East China's Shandong province.
See a brilliantly colored underground canyon in Shandong
The underground attraction lies to the southwest of Yishui and covers a distance of 6,100 meters.
Family builds hospital on strength of treatment
Created in the late Qing Dynasty by the Luan family in the village of Huatuan, the Huatuan Bone Setting style features both a bone-setting technique and a plaster invented by the family.
Growth in tourism rooted in mountain
Tai'an, a city in Shandong province that is centered on Mount Taishan, is tapping into its historical and cultural resources to become an international tourist destination.
Growth in tourism rooted in mountain 2016-06-01
Tai'an, a city in Shandong province that is centered on Mount Taishan, is tapping into its historical and cultural resources to become an international tourist destination.
Green tea industry blooms in Qingdao 2016-05-27
Qingdao recently held activities in its west coast new area to celebrate the second Qingdao Tea Culture Festival and the 60th anniversary of Shandong province's south-to-north tea introduction project.
Tai'an introduces itself to the world 2016-05-26
Around 50 distinguished foreign guests who attended the first World Conference on Tourism for Development in Beijing visited Tai'an, Shandong on May 21.
Fitness enthusiasts gather in Tai'an to climb Taishan Mountain 2016-05-13
Shandong National Fitness Month kicked off at Taishan Mountain, Tai'an on May 8.
Sino-Korean film festival 2016-05-11
The coastal city of Weihai in East China's Shandong province will host a festival of short films in September.
Tai'an: GDP hits 71 b yuan in Q1 2016-05-10
The economy of Tai'an, Shandong province, ran smoothly during the first quarter, reported the Tai'an Daily.
Students read classic works to celebrate Mother's Day 2016-05-09
The city of Jimo in Qingdao held a special event to celebrate Mother's Day on May 8.
China's first hospital founded by insurance company opens 2016-05-09
China's first hospital founded by an insurance firm, in cooperation with local government, opened on Sunday, creating a new model for health care.
Tai'an: Int'l taijiquan competition to kick off this month 2016-05-04
The Taishan International Taijiquan will run from May 19 to 22 in Tai'an, Shandong province.
Extreme Sailing Series Act Two concludes in Qingdao 2016-05-03
Act Two of the 2016 Extreme Sailing Series ended in Qingdao, with Team Alinghi from Switzerland winning the championship.
Farming out a bright future in vast fields 2016-05-02
In early March when most farmers in Anlan village in East China's Shandong province had just started preparing their farmland for sowing seeds, An Liang, a farmer of the town was ready to harvest his first fortune.
Experts gather in Tai'an for cultural theme park development 2016-04-26
Hundreds of industry experts gathered in Tai'an, Shandong province for the 2016 China Cultural Theme Park Construction and Development Forum on April 23 to explore new models and concepts.
Weifang High-tech Zone prioritizes green development 2016-04-21
The Weifang High-Tech Industrial Development Zone is vowing to implement a green development principle.
Jinan the most congested city in China 2016-04-21
Jinan overtook Beijing to become the most congested city in the country in the first three months of 2016, according to a report.
Contestant shows off bling 2016-04-19
A female contestant appeared on a TV talent show in Jinan wearing 5.5 kg of gold jewelry valued at more than 1 million yuan.
Pine wood cancer wreaks havoc in East China province 2016-04-17
Pines covering 7 million mu (470,000 hectares) in East China's Shandong province are under threat from pine wood nematode disease, the local forestry department said.
Eight Yantai intangible cultural heritages upgraded to provincial level 2016-04-13
Recently, Shandong province published its fourth provincial intangible cultural heritage (ICH) list, including 58 as representative projects and 59 as the supplementary projects.
Sino-German art exhibition opens in Qingdao 2016-04-12
The grand opening of the third works exhibition of Chinese and German artists was held at Qingdao Laoshan Art Museum on April 5, celebrating the creativity of Chinese artists and their European counterparts.
Car crash kills 8 in east China 2016-04-09
A sleeper coach collided with two trucks in East China's Shandong province early Saturday morning, killing eight people and injuring 17 others, local police said.
Passive house tech passes crucial gas test 2016-04-07
This center is estimated for completion in June and will be the first demonstration passive house project in Asia.
Mayor of E China city probed for disciplinary violation 2016-04-06
Yang Luyu, mayor of Jinan City in East China's Shandong province is being investigated on suspicion of serious violation of discipline, the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) announced Wednesday.
Qingdao offers tax rebate to overseas tourists 2016-04-06
A "duty-free" scheme has been launched in Qingdao allowing overseas visitors to receive a tax rebate on purchases from the 33 participating stores in the port city.
Weifang ready to soar again with kite fest 2016-04-05
The 33rd Weifang International Kite Festival will open on April 16 in the seaside city in Shandong province, organizers have announced.
Chemical plant explosion kills 2 2016-04-04
Two people were killed after a waste water treatment device exploded Sunday night in a chemical plant in east China's Shandong Province, local government said Monday.
Qingdao adds 18 provincial cultural heritages 2016-04-01
Qingdao's selected intangible cultural heritage items cover a wide range of culture and art patterns, including folk literature, traditional acrobatics, paintings and handicrafts.
Quebec to open commercial representative office in Qingdao 2016-04-01
The establishment of the office is a significant milestone in the relationship between Quebec and China, said Christina Saint-Pierre, Quebec minister of international relations and La Francophonie.
Port inspection service benefits enterprises 2016-04-01
An increasing number of businesses in eastern China's Shandong province have benefited from the one-stop port inspection service system, according to a news conference held in Qingdao, Shandong on Thursday.
Qingdao opens direct flight route to Europe 2016-03-31
An airline from Qingdao to Frankfurt has been opened on Tuesday, which becomes the first direct flight route to Europe in Shandong province.
Tai'an villager sets up cultural museum 2016-03-28
In the Yuezhuang village, Tai'an, Shandong sits a rural cultural museum, exhibiting ancient farming relics and outdated articles.
Yantai joins hands with Sanya on tourism 2016-03-24
Officials from the tourism administration of Yantai signed an agreement with Sanya, Hainan province, on March 23, to help boost tourism cooperation between the two cities.
Campaign embraces gender equality in high performing teams 2016-03-23
The British Embassy Beijing and the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race teamed up to host a panel discussion about gender equality on March 18 in Qingdao.
Rural wife hunt has bachelors on hot bricks 2016-03-21
When Wang Dong, 26, from a village in East China's Shandong province, set himself up on a blind date, little did he suspect that his confederate would turn out to be a divorcee.
Mantis Boxing Association sets up in Haiyang 2016-03-18
The opening ceremony for Haiyang Boxing Association has held on March 10 in the city's Xinyuan Square.
Pilot zone helps boost economy 2016-03-18
The financial sector in Qingdao, Shandong province, due to growth within the Qingdao Wealth Management Financial Comprehensive Reform Pilot Zone, is helping to boost the region's real economy.
Govt, institutes hunt for talent 2016-03-18
To provide sufficient talent crucial to the success of ongoing financial reforms, Qingdao has built partnerships with a number of financial academies and think tanks over the past two years.
Jimo cast as permanent site for film contest 2016-03-15
This year's event has attracted entries from more than 600 universities across the country, with the awards ceremony to be held in the city on April 15.
West Coast New Area turns the tide to protect coastline 2016-03-15
The local government for West Coast New Area plans to renovate 129 kilometers of coastline in the new area in the next three years, it was announced at a work conference on March 14.
Qingdao aims to attract 115,000 talents in 2016 2016-03-14
The coastal city of Qingdao is preparing to attract high-end talent for social and economic development.
Water protection urged as "Springs City" dries 2016-03-13
East China's Jinan city has launched a water conservation campaign as its most famous spring comes dangerously close to running dry, local officials said.
China-S.Korea Yantai Industrial Park included in provincial 13th Five-Year Plan 2016-03-11
Shandong province has included the construction of the China-South Korea Yantai Industrial Park in its 13th Five-Year Plan recently.

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