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2011 China Int'l Consumer Electronics Show
2011 China International Consumer Electronics Show ended over the weekend, attracting 523 global consumer electronics companies and hundreds of industry experts.
Lotus at their best in Weishan Lake
Lotuses in Weishan Lake are at their best in the midsummer season in Jining city, Shandong province.
A fare deal for students
"Hail to the bus driver, bus driver man," the chorus might go.
Shandong-Taiwan economic and trade fair highlights high-tech products

Shandong-Taiwan economic and trade fair highlights high-tech products

Wang Yi, director of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council,delivers a speech at the opening ceremony of the The 16th annual Shandong-Taiwan Economic and Trade Fair on Sept.1,2010 in Weifang,Shandong province.

The 16th annual Shandong-Taiwan Economic and Trade Fair has attracted over 600 enterprises from both sides. In the spotlight are some of the latest high-tech products.

This multi-functional rear-view mirror is a new gadget developed by a Taiwan-based company. The driver can see GPS, an electronic compass and more - all within the mirror. The device makes all kinds of information available without the driver even having to turn his or her head. The company says it will launch the product in the mainland on January 1st 2011, thanks to the framework for the ECFA.

Yang Zhijian, Staff of Mobiletron Eletronics Co., Ltd. said "The ECFA reduces logistic costs and cancels the tariff levied on products. It brings Taiwan and mainland closer."

Mainland companies are also bringing their best to the fair. This 8-speed automatic gearbox is garnering a lot of attention. It has eight forward gears and one reverse. Despite all those options, it can still be fit into a regular 5-speed automatic gearbox casing. This innovative product was developed by a local enterprise in Shandong.

Liu Xiangwu, Board Chairman of Shengrui Transmission Co. Ltd. said "The 8-speed automatic gearbox has filled a blank in China's auto market. Many Chinese enterprises have contacted us during this trade fair, especially Taiwan's Yulon Motors, which has come all the way here to talk to us about technical details. We expect to launch this product next year."

And it's not just trendy high-tech gadgets. Industrial and agricultural products are also being showcased and promoted at the fair.

Editor: Dong Jirong

Source: CNTV.CN


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