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Shandong-Taiwan economic and trade fair highlights high-tech products
The 16th annual Shandong-Taiwan Economic and Trade Fair has attracted over 600 enterprises from both sides.
Pupils in Shandong greet new semester
Pupils obtain textbooks for the new semester at the Primary School Attached to Shandong Normal University in Jinan on Aug. 31, 2010.
Poised for takeoff
An oil painter, a photographer and an art apprentice come together to make a full-length feature on birds. Ju Chuanjiang, Zhao Ruixue and Wang Qian report

The Lighthouse on the Yantai Mountain.

The city of Yantai is embraced by mountain and sea, and it has exquisite scenery with four distinctive seasons. Yantai becomes a world-renowned scenic spot due to the vast stretches of golden sand and blue waves, spectacular islands of various size, famous Peng Lai pavilion, magical mirage etc. The terrain of Yantai is low foothill area, with mild hills up and down. Major mountains with elevation higher than 500 meters include Daze Mount, Mount Ai, Mount Luo, Mount Ya, Kunyu Mountain, Zhaohu Mountain etc, among which with 922.8 meters Kunyu Mountain ranks the first in height.


A great deal of rivers runs through this area, eight of which covers 300 sq kilometers basin, including Wulong River, Dagu River, Dagujia River and Xin’an River. The coastline of Yantai is 909 kilometers, comprising of 63 islands among which Zhisu Island, South Changshan Island and Yangma Island are with larger area. The climate of Yantai belongs to temperate zone continental monsoon climate, with moderate rainfall, humid air and a moderate climate. The mean annual precipitation of Yantai is 765.4millimeters, average temperature 12.7℃, sunshine duration 2441.6 hours and frost free period 284 days.


Yantai is rich in marine fishery resources, and is an important national fishery base productive in various seafoods such as sea cucumber, prawn, abalone, sea shells and so on.

In addition, Yantai is famous for apples in North China and is internationally renowned for its local specialties. Many products of Yantai have been labeled as National Geographical Indication Protection Products, such as Yantai apple, Yantai big cherry, Longkou bean vermicelli, Yantai sea cucumber and Yantai abalone. Moreover, some products have registered trademark of testified National Geographical Indication, containing Yantai apple, Laiyang pear, Yantai big cherry, Laizhou portunid, Haiyang white cucumber.

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