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Shandong-Taiwan economic and trade fair highlights high-tech products
The 16th annual Shandong-Taiwan Economic and Trade Fair has attracted over 600 enterprises from both sides.
Pupils in Shandong greet new semester
Pupils obtain textbooks for the new semester at the Primary School Attached to Shandong Normal University in Jinan on Aug. 31, 2010.
Poised for takeoff
An oil painter, a photographer and an art apprentice come together to make a full-length feature on birds. Ju Chuanjiang, Zhao Ruixue and Wang Qian report

Heze Grand Theatre

Heze is the place of origin of Luxi cattle, grey goat and small fat-tail sheep and claims to be a notable production base of cereal, cotton and oil. Its farm products, for instance, watermelon, garlic, asparagus, peony, rose, Chinese traditional medicine and landscape nursery stock are popular throughout the country. Endowed with plentiful agricultural resources, a series of agricultural byproducts processing enterprises come into being, develop and grow strong here with hundreds kinds of products, including wood products, handicrafts, meat, vegetable, flour and diet, etc., sold to more than 20 countries and districts. Moreover its industrial system is complete, consisting of 38 fields in which electrical power, machinery, textile, light, papermaking, food and pharmaceutical industries are the major sectors.

Caozhou Painting and Calligraphy Academy

The city is rich in mineral reserves: proven deposits and future reserves of petroleum are separately 40 million and 171 million tons; current and controlled gas reserves are 27.1 billion and 60 billion cubic meters; and there are 557.1 billion tons of coals in Juye coalfield. It also has the largest new energy chemical industry base of East China and projects of petrochemical, gas-electricity and coal-electricity integration are being implemented within.

Hebei-Shandong-Henan Border Area Revolution Memorial

At the end of 2008 Heze achieved gross local product ¥82.2 billion and local financial revenue ¥5.04 billion, increasing separately by 15.6% and 19.8% over the same period of last year. Per-capita income of urban residents on living expense averaged ¥11581 while the per-capita net income of farmers averaged ¥4584. Industrial enterprises beyond scale accomplished added value ¥35.2 billion and revenue of main business ¥135.6 billion, up by 25.7% and 41.4%. The output value of new and high-tech industries was ¥26.9 billion, rising by 50%. Its total grain output reached 10.1 billion units, increasing by 275 million units and both the total output and per unit area yield hit the record.

Baishou Archway

By Wang Xiantao (Shandong Bureau)

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