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Agriculture plays an important role in the Zaozhuang economy. It is a national commodity grain base, pollution free vegetable planting base, cultured aquatic product base, stock raising base and fresh fruit base, as well as one of the demonstration regions of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN Development Zone and the Huaihai Economic Zone.


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Zaozhuang has an excellent geographic location and convenient traffic. Within a radius of 50 kilometers, there are the four airports of Xuzhou, Lianyungang, Jining, Linyi, and the three seaports of Shijiu, Lanshan, and Lianyungang. 

The world-famous Grand Canal flows through the south of the city and connect such provinces and municipalities as Jiangsu, Anhui, Shanghai, and Zhejiang. A large amount of high quality coal, cement, and gypsum is transported to various places every year. In its administered region, a comprehensive transportation network has been formed through aviation, railway, highway, and boats. 


[Photo/WeChat account: sd_photo]

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