Policeman carrying elder in arms across street warms hearts

By Kang Jia| (chinadaily.com.cn)| Updated : 2019-11-12

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Policeman Diao Zhanfei carries an old man across the street in Qingdao, East China's Shandong province. [Photo/WeChat account of Jimo Traffic Police]

Qingdao citizens were deeply moved recently by a local traffic police officer who carried an elderly man in his arms to assist him across a street crowded with pedestrians and vehicles, qdxin.cn reported.

The act of kindness took place on a crossroads in Qingdao’s Jimo District, East China’s Shandong province, on Oct 31. A senior man with a slight disability was sitting on the ground and trudging ahead with his hands supporting his body.

Observing the danger of the situation, Diao Zhanfei, a police officer with the Wenhua Road arm of Jimo Traffic Police Brigade, rushed to the man immediately.

He asked about the old man’s situation, carried him in arms with his permission, and helped him across the road in a very short time.

Still a little concerned for the old man’s safety, Diao asked about his address and called a taxi to send him back home. He didn’t return to his other duties until he was sure the old man could return home safe and sound.

A passerby noticed the scene and recorded it, uploading the short video onto the internet.

Deeply moved by the police officer, netizens expressed their esteem for Diao.

Some said this is the most beautiful “princess hug” they have ever seen, while others used metaphors, saying the police’s deed was warmer than heating devices in winter. Some were reminded of their own grandparents, and urged more love and care to be given to the elderly, whether or not they are your own relatives.

Many were even enchanted by the police officer, praising him as a truly charming man by combining both an outward manliness and inner thoughtfulness.