Best villages in Tai'an to visit - Part 2

(| Updated : 2018-09-05

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The rural vitalization strategy proposed at the CPC's 19th National Congress held in October 2017 has promoted the development of the rural tourism of Tai'an, Shandong province. Here is a rundown of some of the best villages in the area to visit.

1. Liyuan Village

Liyuan Village has over 10,000-mu (666.67 hectares) of ancient pear trees, with their ages ranging from 200 to 400 years old. It is one of the largest ancient pear gardens in China.

Around April every year is the bloom season of pear flowers, when people can visit the village to enjoy the stunning scenery of pear blossom.

There are also scenic spots with free access near the pear garden, including the Qinglong Mountain and the Sanhuang Temple.

Location: Xiazhang town, Daiyue district, Tai'an, Shandong province


White pear blossom along the hillside in Liyuan Village. [Photo/WeChat account: SDTXTA]

2. Shangwangzhuang Village

Located at the foot of Fenghuang Mountain, the village gives full play to the advantages of the mountains and forests to develop the forestry and the fruit industries. One hundred-mu cherry greenhouses, a 1,200-mu cherry orchard, a 100-mu mulberry garden, and a 100-mu orchard can all be found in the village, so it's an ideal place to pick some fruit.

It is also the birthplace of Xiazhang paper cutting and Wang Yaowu, a famous general in the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression (1931-45). A memorial hall that displays the history of Shangwangzhuang Village as well as its historical figures has been set up in the village.

Location: Xiazhang town, Daiyue district, Tai'an, Shandong province


The yellow rape flowers in Shangwangzhuang Village. [Photo/WeChat account: SDTXTA]

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