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Weifang - World Capital of Kites [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

Weifang, neighbored to the south by Yishan Mountain, and to the north by the Bohai Sea, is known as  “the corridor of Eastern Shandong”. It is a pivotal city of nation-wide highway transportation, with a distance of 183 kilometers from Jinan, the capital of Shandong, and of 410 kilometers from Beijing, the capital of China. There are a large number of national and provincial highways running through Weifang, such as Jinan-Qingdao, Qingdao-Laiwu, Weifang-LaiWu, Dongying-Qingdao and Rongcheng-Wuhai. The railway network in Weifang comprises of the Jiaozhou-Jinan, Jiaozhou-Xinyi and Dajiawa-longkou lines, all of which pass through the city. Weifang Simedarby harbor has an annual throughput of more than 10 million tons, and a dock of ten thousand tons is currently under construction . Weifang airport has launched flight routes to Beijing, and Shanghai. Furthermore, it is one of the four main airmail centers in China.

Facing the sea, Weifang is situated in the monsoon region of the North Temperate Zone, which has a warm temperate and sub humid continental monsoon climate with four clearly distinct seasons. The average annual temperature is 12.3℃, and the average annual precipitation is about 650 mm.

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