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Weihai’s coastline is 1,000 kilometers, about one third of that of Shandong province as a whole. The three fishing grounds along the coastline are rich in more than 300 sea foods, including prawns, sea cucumbers, abalone, shellfish, algae and a variety of cash fish. The city possesses rich mineral resources. More than 30 have been discovered like gold, iron, copper and zinc. Granite in Weihai is of large quantity and good quality, with “Shidao Red”, “Wendeng White” and “Rushan Black” well-known at home and aboard.

Based on a solid industry foundation, a fairly complete manufacturing system has been formed in Weihai consisting of plastic, silk, medicine, food and artistic handicraft industries,with its backbone being sectors such as machinery, electronics, chemicals, building materials and textiles. There are more than 2,000 approved products, of which at least 700 have entered overseas markets. Weihai is China’s biggest producer of carpets, fishing rods and miniature woodworking machinery, its second biggest producer of wire and its principle production base of agricultural vehicles, automobiles, and connecting rods. Radial wire, high speed facsimile devices, electronic telephones, terminal displays, high energy batteries, high efficiency electricity-saving lamps, marine biological harvests and juice concentrate have emerged as Weihai’s leading products.

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