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Linyi is located at the southeast of Shandong province, facing the Yellow Sea to the east and bordering Jiangsu province in the south. Exercising jurisdiction over nine counties and three districts, with a total area of 17,191.2 square kilometers, it is the largest administrative division of the whole province in terms of area and population. Linyi is known for the many titles it has obtained, such as National Double-Support Model City, Outstanding Tourist City of China, National Environmental Protection Model City, City of Geothermal Resources of China, City of Calligraphy of China, and City of Markets of China.


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With a 2500-year history, Linyi is also a historic city. The famous Bamboo Slips of Sun Zi’s Art of War and Sun Bin’s Art of War were excavated there. Thirteen of the 72 good disciples of Confucius grew up in Linyi. The city is home to the Former Residence of Wang Xizhi, the grand master and founder of Cao Shu of the Eastern Jin Dynasty and the Memorial Hall of Zhuge Liang, the strategist of the Three Kingdoms Period. The outstanding calligrapher Yan Zhenqing of the Tang Dynasty and the prominent mathematician of the Eastern Han Dynasty who invented abacus arithmetic also grew up or once lived there.


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Additionally, Linyi is a famous revolutionary base area. During the period of the Anti-Japanese War and the War of Liberation, our Party and Army built a revolutionary base in the area of Binghai, in central and Southern Shandong Province, where many proletarian revolutionaries of the older generation made their contributions to Chinese revolutionary history, among them Liu Shaoqi, Chen Yi, Luo Ronghuan, Xu Xiangqian and Su Yu. The revolutionary base had a population of 4.2 million during the war. Two hundred thousand of them joined the army and entered the war, more than 1 million supported the army and the front, and more than 100,000 died. A group of advanced model figures emerged in Linyi, such as Ming Deying, a remarkable countrywoman who saved the wounded soldiers with her milk, and six other remarkable women who made great contributions to the army and the front.

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